Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Kiss My Who? (Or, Hounds of Love)

Ok, so this shit's a week old.

Last week (see), I was watching the so-called "Lady Gaga" episode of Glee with my friend Pattesia. The kids' performance of "Bad Romance" was excellent..."Poker Face"...was...well...gross and uncomfortable. Anyway, when the episode took that bad turn into KISS territory, I was nothing but perplexed when they sang "Beth".

ME: What horseshit song is this?

PATTESIA: It's that great KISS song "Beth". You really don't know it? It's a great song. It so reminds me of high school. I can't believe you don't know it.

ME: Pardon me, Miss Sexually Active Long Island, but I didn't spend my high school years getting fingerbanged in the backseat of an IROC-Z listening to heavy metal ballads.

PATTESIA: What were you listening to?

ME: I'll have you know, I was swiftly and unchastely deflowered while listening to Kate Bush's "Hounds of Love".


ME: Exactly.


JCA said...

Beth was way before high school. And KISS' only major top ten hit.

joe*to*hell said...

it wasn't "this woman's work"???????????